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Subject-Based Resources

 Tools for Any Class
Create a text message conversation between 2 historical figures, create news headlines, fakebook accounts, crossword generator, and more.
Use pictures and images to create movie posters, magazine covers, billboard signs, and more.
Flipgrid: Post a topic, students can respond via text or video.
Let students explore word meanings and associations at their own pace (prescriptive)
10 ways to use Padlet

Blended Learning: 
Actively Learn:
Common Lit
Paper Rater
See the Math Resources page under the Academics tab and here: 
Sushi Monster - App
Science News for Students
Science Freebies for teachers from the NSTA
Social Studies
Discovery Ed
World History Project
Center for History and News Media.  Check out the "Children and Youth in History" section and let your students see what life was like for their predecessors. 
Crash Course World History.  
Twitter chat hashtag:
Padlet resource collection: