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Mrs. Hayley Austin » Ms. Austin's 7th Grade Science!

Ms. Austin's 7th Grade Science!


Hello and Welcome! 


My name is Hayley Austin, and I am in love with teaching science! It is my passion to share the love of science content with young people. I graduated fall of 2016 from Middle Tennessee State University with honors and a degree in interdisciplinary studies. I am certified to teach grades 4 - 8, highly qualified in science content. I have had the pleasure to teach at Rock Springs the past five years. I am also the coach for Track and Field.

Go Golden Knights!



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1/5/23 - Kingdoms Frayer Model

Use the following words and definitions for completing your Frayer model. When you are finished, you will need to make up your own sentences and picture. Use google if you need help with this.
1. Autotroph:  Autotrophs create their own nutrients and energy. Algae, plants and some bacteria and fungi, are autotrophs.
2. Heterotroph: A heterotroph is an organism that eats other plants or animals for energy and nutrients.
3. Prokaryote: Organisms whose cells lack a nucleus and other organelles. Prokaryotes are divided into two distinct groups: the bacteria and the archaea.
4. Eukaryote: Any cell or organism that has a nucleus, in which the well-defined chromosomes (bodies containing the hereditary material) are located.