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Mission Statement

Mission, Beliefs, and Vision Statements
Mission Statement:
Our mission at Rock Springs Middle School is to equip students with the educational tools necessary for a successful entry into high school through the use of communication, technology and problem solving.
We believe:
  •  All students can learn, achieve, and succeed through instruction and assessment.
  • Assessment is a tool used to identify student achievement and the need for enrichment or reteaching opportunities.
  • Instruction in the classroom should include a variety of strategies to reach various learning styles.
  • Using the mini-school concept will provide a safe and positive learning environment.
  • School guidelines help develop good citizenship qualities and help students accept responsibility for their decisions.
  • Effective policies are developed by stakeholders within the school and community.
  • The school, the family, and the community should share the responsibility for giving the students the tools to meet the challenges of an ever-changing society.
  • Each student should be exposed to advances in technology to prepare them to become a competitive member of the work force.
  • Each student should develop career awareness through exploratory classes and community resources.
  • Each student’s education can be enriched by participating in extracurricular activities. Activities, such as athletics and clubs provide opportunities for developing character, responsibility, teamwork, and leadership.
The visions of Rock Springs Middle School are:
  • For students’ test scores to meet or exceed county, state, and national standards.
  • To collaborate with high school teachers to ensure success on End of Course tests.
  • To continue staying up-to-date on the latest educational research, technology, and teaching strategies.
  • To continue to strive for excellence by providing a community for differentiated levels of learning.