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Hello Rock Springs Middle School Students!
I hope that you and your families are doing well at this time. No overdue fines will be assessed during the COVID-19 shutdown, however lost book fees will be assessed. Students may check their library account by clicking on the "Destiny" tab on the right side of this screen. Choose "Rock Springs Middle School" and log in using the first part of your e-mail (e.g. mcgeebr000) and your password. Click on the "My Info" tab to see if you have a book currently checked out under your name or if you have a lost book fee. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at
Remember that if you have a Rutherford County Library Card you can checkout e-books and audiobooks electronically.  To apply for an online access card click HERE and then select the link "GET AN ECARD."
I'm looking forward to seeing you all back in the library soon! I'll be interested to hear what you've been reading over summer break.
Mrs. McGee
Twitter: @RSMSLibrary
Need research help? The Tennessee Electronic Library has many resources with a section catered specifically to middle school students!  It has access to World Book, which may be particularly helpful while researching content related to Science & Social Studies.  The TEL also provides access to e-books & audiobooks. If you scroll down to the TeenBookCloud link you'll have access to nonfiction, fiction, and graphic novels--no library card required!
Your local library is the best place to access free e-books and audiobooks, but other companies and sites have opened up their resources to the public during this time. Listed below are sites where you can access these services.
E-Books & Audiobooks:
  • Remember to check out your public library--most use apps like OverDrive, Libby & Hoopla to provide access to e-books & audiobooks
  • Click HERE for access to the Tennessee Electronic Library's resources for middle school students. Then scroll down and click on the link to "TeenBookCloud" for access to a selection of e-books & audiobooks
  • Free access to audiobooks on Audible. Click HERE to start listening.
  • Author Lauren Tarshis is reading I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912 on YouTube.  Click HERE for the link.
If you're currently on hold for an audiobook at your library, listen to a podcast while you wait! Below I've listed a few podcasts that can be found online or you can download them from an app on your phone or tablet. Some podcasts are fictional in nature and others informational. Enjoy!
  • Six Minutes by Gen-Z Media
A podcast drama follows 11-year-old Holiday after she is pulled from Alaskan waters.  She has no memory of who she is or her past.  Soon she begins to exhibit incredible capabilities and sets out to discover who she really is.  Make sure you start out on Season 1, Episode 1 titled "Six Minutes Begins."  Click HERE to listen to the podcast trailer.
  • The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel by Gen-Z Media
A podcast mystery that follows 11-year-old Mars Patel & his friends as they set out on a mission to rescue two missing classmates.  The explanation on Apple podcasts says it's like The Goonies meets Stranger Things!  Click HERE to listen to the podcast trailer.
  • Eleanor Amplified by WHYY
A podcast adventure series that follows Eleanor, a radio reporter, who outsmarts evil villains in her search for the truth. Click HERE to listen to the podcast trailer.
  • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Rebel Girls
Follows the life and accomplishments of incredible women from all over the globe.  The podcast is based on the bestselling series Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Francesca Cavallo & Elena Favilli.
  • Book Club for Kids with Kitty Felde
On this podcast, kids recommend their favorite books!  Students from all over talk about middle grade and YA books they've read and loved.  There are also episodes that interview famous authors!  If you're not sure what to read next, check out this podcast for some great suggestions from kids your age.  Click HERE to check out some episodes.
  • Peace Out by Bedtime FM
This podcast uses short stories to help with mindfulness and self-regulation.  For example, in one episode the storyteller has the listener visualize themselves scuba diving in the ocean, pretending to be certain sea creatures and participating in some deep breathing to help relax.  Click HERE to listen.
More Fun Stuff:
  • Author/Illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka is hosting Draw Every Day on his YouTube channel.  If you're interested in learning to tell stories through words and pictures, click HERE.
  • Victoria Jamieson (author of Roller Girl All's Faire in Middle School) shares a video on how to draw characters and make graphic novels, click HERE
  • Ann Braden (author of The Benefits of Being an Octopus) shares a 3-part video on creative writing, click HERE
Tired of looking at a screen? Try these ideas!
  • Play a card game (Solitaire is a single-player game) or build a house of cards
  • Play a board game (No one to play with? On your own, see how many words you can create with your Scrabble letters)
  • Create something!
    • Draw! (You only need a pencil & paper or even pavement & chalk)
    • Write! (Journal your experiences of quarantine... It may seem silly to you now, but people will ask about your experience 10, 20, 50 years from now! Think... what did you eat? what did you wear? what did you do?)
    • Draw & write! (Love reading manga and graphic novels? Take this time to create your own!)
    • Got old newspaper/magazines/junk mail? Make blackout poetry or make a mod podge of pictures
  • Puzzles
Check out Mrs. McGee's Quarantine Reads by clicking HERE
1. Use your school Microsoft e-mail to log in to Flipgrid
2. Flip Code: 1c7fbaee
Interested in Book Club?  Click HERE