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Technology FAQs

***Additional resources may be found by clicking the following links Student Device Tech Support AND Student Resources***
Q: Who is responsible for submitting Mobile Device Work Tickets?
A: Homeroom teachers should submit Mobile Device Work Tickets during homeroom or R&E
Q: Where can I find a printable of the Mobile Device Work Ticket?
A: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page under "Work Order Ticket (2 per page)"
Q: I have a new student in my homeroom, how do I get them a laptop?
A: E-mail Mrs. McGee the student's first and last name during R&E, and she will deliver a laptop to the student.
Q: How do I look up a student's username and password?
A: Open the "Teacher Apps" folder on your desktop and then click "2021-2022 Contacts"
Q: What should I do when a student cannot get into Skyward?
A: Have student click on "Forgot Your Login/Password" & then have the student reset their password.
Q: I found a charger in my room. Is there a way to look up which student it belongs to?
A: There are two options: 1) Open the "Teacher Apps" folder on your desktop and then click "2021-2022 Contacts" and "Student Laptops 2021-2022" OR 2) E-mail Mrs. McGee with the CA# written in silver sharpie, and she can look up who it belongs to.
Q: What if a student has a Blocked Microsoft Account?
A: Instructional Technology has step-by-step directions on its website, which can be found HERE 
Q: What should I do when a student is getting a "Restricted Web Access" message on Google Chrome?
A: Try clearing the cache -- click HERE for directions found under "Help With Learning Programs"
Q: My teacher laptop or overhead projector is not working, who should I contact?
A: Submit a Technology Work Order via School Dude, link to form HERE