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OH4M speaker information

oh4m (OPTIMAL HEALTH FOR ME) Use the following link for more information: oh4m link

I have invited a guest speaker from oh4m to speak to my classes, and I want to inform you that your student will be in that class. oh4m is a sexual risk avoidance (SRA) education program that supports state standards for my class and reinforces topics needed for optimal health– the balance of physical, mental and social well-being. SRA education is focused on helping students achieve optimal health outcomes.
Specifically, students will:
1. Build a foundation of knowledge and skills related to
character development, human development and decision-making
2. Set goals for the future
3. Make healthy choices that impact the future
4. Move toward optimal health by avoiding risk behavior.

Medical research shows that the best way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases –
an important component of optimal health – is through decisions to avoid risk behavior. oh4m has
been a part of Rutherford County Schools for nearly 20 years; and current statistics show that teen
pregnancy rates are declining in Rutherford County!

You are encouraged to talk with your student about these topics as well. When adolescents have a
good relationship with their parents, they are more likely to delay the onset of a sexual relationship.
We understand that the subject matter is sensitive. You can rest assured that every effort is made to
present the subject matter on grade-appropriate levels.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at the school or through email. For more information on oh4m, you can contact Kelsey at [email protected] or check out their website at www.oh4m.org.